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2019 Fire Science Retreat Summary: Visiting the Carr and Delta Fires


Sustainable Northwest Storyboard: Adapting Western US Forests to Climate Change & Wildfires: Ten Common Questions


Gov. Brown’s Venado Declaration: Keep Our Forests

Sign the Venado Declaration here


Mark Mutti film: Angeles NF, Episode 1: Fire Year


California Legislative Brief: LiDAR: What can it measure and how can it best be used?


Concise, effective summary of CA wildfire problem by Kite and Key Media


Self-serving garbage in the Sacramento Bee (excellent article summarizing the lack of credible science used by some environmental advocates)


Recent Media:


San Diego Tribune: Sky Island Logging


Agri-Pulse: 2022 Wildfire Session


Bay Nature: Logjam: Fighting fire with mills


S.F. Chronicle: California megafires and one important fact


Epoch Times: Red tape stokes devastating wildfire


EOS: Reevaluating Ecosystems on the Basis of Climate Change Vulnerability


Science Daily: Just what is a resilient forest anyway?


Fresno Bee: Too extreme?


Bloomberg News: To save western U.S. forests, cut them way back


S.F. Chronicle: Drought, fire and beetles


Science Daily: Just what is a ‘resilient’ forest, anyway?


KQED radio: How will California forests adapt to climate change?

(broadcast in San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Orlando, Washington DC)


NY Times: To save Tahoe, they spared no expense


S.D. Tribune: CA timberland owners suffer losses


A.P./ABC News: CA fire season sets records


National Geographic: More good fire could help California


Bloomburg: Scientists are trying to make California forests more fire resilient


LA Times: Wildfire plan favors logging over homeowners


Knowable Magazine: How to rebuild California forests, with climate in mind


NBC Bay Area: Experts Frustrated by Stalled Efforts to Counter Megafires


Bloomberg: Learning to live with fire and each other


NPR: Fighting wildfires with more fire


ABC10: Could setting fires be the key to stopping fires?


AAAS EurekAlert!: Thinning and prescribed fire treatments reduce tree mortality


NY Times: Trump Administration Rejects California’s Request for Wildfire Relief


UC Davis Podcast: California wildfires


Stateline: California needs more fire to fix its wildfire problem


GV Wire: Biomass would help reduce wildfire problem


Die Welt: California wildfires


Forbes: Good forest management needed for better wildfire


LA Times:  Dead trees fuel unprecedented wildfire


Forbes: Making forest fires worse


KCBS In Depth: How did California’s fire season get so destructive


ProPublica: They know how to prevent megafires.  Why won’t anybody listen?


Scientific American: California looks to battle mega-wildfires with fire


The Union Democrat: Why California spends billions but can’t control its wildfires


Gannett News: Democratic Presidential Candidates response to CA wildfire question


NPR All Things Considered: Is there a better way to fight massive wildfires


National Geographic: Regrowing Forests


Washington Post: Wet California winter and wildfire


LA Times: Here’s how California can use fire to solve its wildfire problem


NY Times: To Help Prevent the Next Big Wildfire, Let the Forest Burn


NPR Here and Now: Trump Claims California is Wasting Water


NPR All Things Considered: Megafires more frequent with climate change and forest management


NPR All Things Considered: Fire ecologists say more fire should be left to burn.


High Country News: What fire researchers learned


Yale E360: A Push to Turn Dead Trees into Biomass


UC Office of Research: How Researchers Are Responding to Mitigate California’s Wildfire Crisis


UCD Science and Climate: Australia’s wildfires in a California context


Forbes Magazine: Why Everything They Say About California Fires


Popular Science: California is primed to burn


The Seattle Times: Restoring old-growth forests could help fight climate change


Comstock: Fueling the Fight


L.A. PBS KCET: The New Normal


SF Chronicle: Government shutdown: How science research is grinding to a halt


SDPB Radio:  Megafires More Frequent Because Of Climate Change And Forest Management


Now This News: Climate change is making fires harder to fight


MIT Technology Review: California needs to reinvent its fire policies…


S.D. Tribune: California, Trump eye logging…


The Mercury News: Megafires: Controlled burns could reduce…


The Desert Sun: As California fires rage…


Capitol Public Radio: Dangerous wildfires like the Carr fire…


S.F. Chronicle: Fixing state’s fire problem


CNN: Record-breaking California fire…


The Mercury News: Is California’s firefighting strategy…


Yale Environment 360: Fighting fire with fire:

Sample of Older Media:


NY Times: As Fires Grow, a New Landscape Appears in the West


PBS Nova: Controlled Fires Could Actually Save the Forest


Wall Street Journal: Felling Trees to Restrain Wildfire


Capitol Public Radio: USFS Prevents Its Own Scientist from Talking about Study


NPR All Things Considered: One Year after California’s Rim Fire


NY Times: Let the Forests Burn


NY Times: Protecting the Forests, and Hoping for Payback


High Country News: Fire scientists fight over what Western forest should look like


Creating more resilient forests through active management


Forest Fires: Answers to 12 Common Questions


Results of the Teakettle Experiment (pdf of 37 slides)

Sierra Nevada Conservancy: Restoring Fire: A solution for the Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Conservancy: Fire Exclusion: A problem in the Sierra Nevada


Research Briefs for Managers:


Repeated burns fail to restore pine regeneration


What is forest resilience and how do we measure it?


Using Pyrosilviculture to Make Forests Inclusive of Fire at Larger Scales


Reforestation for Resilience

Forest Carbon Sequestration in Fire-Prone Forests


Treatment Costs & Benefits in Sierran Mixed-Conifer


High-Severity Wildfire Effects on Carbon


Longleaf Pine Restoration and Carbon


Stabilizing Carbon in Ponderosa Pine Forests


10-year Post-treatment Carbon Dynamics in Sierran Mixed-Conifer


Climate-driven Changes in Forest Succession in Puget Lowlands Forests

Fire, thinning, and regenerating trees


Riparian zones pose severe wildfire threat


Restoring forest health


Constraints on mechanical treatments in the Sierra Nevada


Resource objectives wildfires benefit forests


Fire is key to restoring forests


Using Fire to Increase the Scale and Benefits of Forest Fuel Treatments


Harnessing Fire for Wildlife


An Ecosystem Management Strategy for Sierran Mixed-Conifer Forests


Trailer for “Wilder Than Wild” One Hour Documentary

(Original Title: The Fire Next Time)


Now airing on PBS stations nationwide:

Broadcast and Screening Schedule




The Teakettle Experiment: Fire and Forest Health

DVD with instructional information, additional short films and publications (purchase at the Video        Project)

The link below is to the main (27 minute) film from YouTube



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